This year’s Admission Competition in higher education institutions will take place online. According to a decision of the Government, the organization and conduct of the basic session of the Admission Competition will take place simultaneously in all higher education institutions, between July 27 and August 20.

The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, spoke for IPN about UTM already starting the process of pre-registration of documents in the admission dossier. Candidates fill in the form remotely, upload scanned copies of the ID, the BAC diploma, diplomas of participation in various competitions, and documents on the social situation. An admission fee is also paid. From July 27, all these pre-registrations must be confirmed at the click of a button. There are already several candidates who have uploaded the documents in this way. The online admission process will start on July 27.

For those who do not have access to internet services, UTM offers the possibility to submit documents physically, through a prior registration.

Once the dossier has been uploaded, it will be verified by the Admission Committee. If the dossier is complete, it will be printed, and the candidates will be told to come at the Admission Committee on the Studenților street, where they will be passing through separate entrances, with an electronic queue, with a preliminary appointment. Each student that enters will not be detained for more than three minutes. All participants in the process will be properly equipped with personal protective equipment.

The rector Viorel BOSTAN mentioned that a considerable number of students are captivated “by UTM’s dynamism”. Here, great emphasis is placed on student activities and study quality. UTM invests in learning spaces and ICT tools, developing partnerships with other universities in the European space. “Therefore, from our point of view, it is a very good choice, especially since we take into account the fact that engineering specialties, lately, are becoming extremely important for the Republic of Moldova.” The rector says that the shortage of engineers is attested not only in Moldova, but also in the neighboring country, Romania, as well as in the European Union in general. “From this standpoint, your engineering career offers you a beautiful future.”

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