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How can we solve the problem of a complicated road junction?

The Chișinău City Hall examined the state of affairs within the renovation project of Ion Creangă Street in the Buiucani sector of the capital. In addition to renovating the road, sidewalks, utilities, but also the roundabouts at intersections, another issue was put forward: solving the problem of the road junction Ion Creangă – Calea Ieșilor.

Ilie BRICICARU, associate professor, Doctor in technical sciences, director of the Road Safety Observatory within the Technical University of Moldova, proposed some solutions for managing transport flows on this road junction. He referred to “a very good work among the Master’s theses” of the UTM archives, in which the respective issue was addressed, and presented a scheme with efficient solutions for this road junction of great complexity.

In his opinion, an optimal solution would be a comprehensive study of the traffic, which would answer all relevant questions, such as level of service, existing problems, safety, flows, etc. “It is natural, we do not claim it to be the ideal solution and we believe that it can be improved, including through feasibility and traffic studies, taking into account vulnerable users, which are not addressed here, as well as other elements of fluency and safety of infrastructure. It’s a low-cost solution, if you will, for what can be offered today, when the project is already underway. But we could certainly start from these ideas, exposed, in fact, previously by the students of the Technical University of Moldova”, the international expert in road safety pointed out.

He assured that the Road Infrastructure Safety Observatory within UTM is willing to get involved in addressing the intersections and management of vulnerable users in this project, should such requests be received.

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