The completion of an academic year and the preparation for a new one is a great opportunity to recapitulate last year’s achievements and set new goals. This is also the case of the Continuous Education Directorate, led by assoc. prof., Dr. Valentin AMARIEI.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, under the auspices of the Continuous Education Directorate, 45 continuous education programs were carried out at UTM, during which 2476 people attended professional development courses, including 2187 specialists from the national economy (88 percent of the total number), but also 262 teachers from vocational and technical education institutions and 27 physics teachers from high schools.

The workmanship of continuous education activities organized by the University Center for Continuous Education (CFC) expressed in man/hours is estimated at 374851 man/hour for 2019/2020, direct contact – a volume equivalent to the training of 417 undergraduate students during an academic year (the workmanship for an undergraduate student during an academic year equals 900 people/hour, direct contact).

The Continuous Education Directorate and implicitly CFC proposes big plans for the future, which will further contribute to creating a favorable university environment for the development of continuous education activities with the training of teachers, non-teaching staff, departments and faculties of UTM.

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