The last equipment delivered within the “Livada Moldovei” Project was installed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport. Because of its massive dimensions, it took unusual engineering solutions to install the new equipment in the laboratories on the 3rd floor.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport within the Technical University of Moldova was equipped with laboratory equipment within a large investment project – “Livada Moldovei”, carried out by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the European Investment Bank. The project involves the renovation and endowment with modern teaching and laboratory equipment of the various laboratories of the University, in order to improve the quality of the teaching process.

At the same time, the thermal insulation works of the study block no. 5 of the Faculty of Food Technology are also in progress. Made within the same project “Livada Moldovei”, the works involve the installation of double-glazed windows on an area of ​​1600 sq.m. and thermal insulation of the walls on an area of ​​3100 sq.m.

The costs of the renovation and endowment works at UTM are estimated at 2 million euros.

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