This is the encouraging message of Sergiu GALUȘCA – graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, specialty “Railways, Roads and Bridges”. In agreement with CEGHID, he emphasizes the importance of the #UTMstudy programs, thanks to which today he works within the State Road Administration, as head of the Bridges Service.

As claimed by Sergiu, everything around us, in our contemporary world, is the outcome of engineering. A professional engineer is able to take personal responsibility for the development and application of engineering science and knowledge, especially in research, design, construction, manufacturing, administration and supervision. This is why he advises the young people who are facing the decision of making a choice regarding their professional future to choose the path he pursued: the study program “Railways, Roads and Bridges” within FUA-UTM:

– Here, you will meet teachers passionate and dedicated to their field, who offer training specifically for the competitive labor market, building the foundations of a successful career. Come to UTM to become an engineer and contribute to the development of the country’s transport infrastructure! Engineers create the Future!

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