Between July 7-10, 2020, UAUIM – the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest, Romania, conducted the international session for defending Diploma Projects, in online format. The event was preceded by the final exam, which also had a representative of the Technical University of Moldova within the Committee no. 1 at the Faculty of Architecture – associate professor, Dr. Aurelia CARPOV, head of the Department of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

On July 7, 8 and 9, 2020, she evaluated the presented works along with distinguished specialists in the field – professor and architect, Dr. Dan Corneliu ŞERBAN – president of the Committee; prof., Dr. Iulia STANCIU; Dr. Ionuţ ANTON; Dr. Gabriel PASCARIU – urbanist; prof., Dr. Adalberto DEL BO – Italy; prof., Dr. Antonio CASTELBRANCO – Portugal.

After three days of evaluating around 300 projects, a number of fascinating roundtable discussions followed, during which university professors and famous architects from around the world reflected on the projects, the young people’s ingenuity and their effort to contribute to preserving the architectural identity and the elements that define it – a good opportunity to analyze the course of development of the school of architecture and to appreciate design as one of the greatest possible adventures.

It is a matter in which Ms. Aurelia CARPOV has been participating since 2015, when, after defending her Doctoral Thesis in April 2000, she built a connection with UAUIM, which continues annually until now. This connection allowed the development of an ample strategy, followed by the decision of a bilateral Agreement, based on which FUA benefits from the support of the invited professors -– Tiberiu FLORESCU, Andrei MITREA, Ștefan VIANU, Mihai CHISĂRĂU, Augustin IOAN. The result of the collaboration is evident: there is already a significant leap forward in the training of specialists, students being motivated by new ideas and opportunities, bold approaches and unique methods. Furthermore, for the third consecutive year, at their final exam, students present the theoretical part of their Bachelor’s project in the form of a dissertation, as it’s done in Bucharest. The content of the dissertation must demonstrate scientific knowledge on the topic, must highlight the level of understanding in the field studied and include elements of original scientific research of the topic, as well as specific ways to validate them through the case study, represented by the study completion project.

“It was a pleasure to participate in the nomination of the best two Diploma Projects made by UAUIM students, which will be submitted to the international competition RIBA President’s Medals Student Award, one of the most prestigious graduation project competitions in the world”, mentioned Ms. Aurelia CARPOV.

The work “The Archive of the Architecture of Bucharest, Romania” made by Roberta Iulia FRUMUȘELU, coord.: Iulia STANCIU, accumulated the most votes. The author asked herself: What memorial is more important for a city destroyed in peacetime, if not one of its archives? Roberta created an exhaustive, comprehensive archive, revolving around the city. Over time, a systematic process of loss of Romanian documents and treasure was recorded, the archive being moved from one monastery to another. For this reason, the documents degrade at a fast pace, and their consultation is forced to be highly restricted. The project aims to build a main headquarters of the city archive, where documents will be collected from multiple locations.

The second winning project was made by Valentin PÂRVU under the guidance of Veronica ZYBACZYNSCHI, the purpose of which was to identify how the archaeological heritage of Dobrogea can be supported in the context of sustainable tourism. The main objective is to identify the area with great potential for development, establish how it can be promoted, and determine the architectural features that can enhance the understanding of the archaeological object.

Ms. Aurelia CARPOV was deeply impressed by the effort, clarity of thought and procedural discipline of students, noting that the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest can be fully confident in their professional training, and we are especially optimistic about this collaboration and its continuity.

In fact, the evaluation of Diploma Projects in architecture by a Committee made up of world-renowned professors and architects is an important event that the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest has been carrying out for over 20 years. The Technical University of Moldova is proud to have a representative in this environment in which acknowledged architects are training the young – the architects of tomorrow.

The importance and grandeur of the international sessions for evaluation of Diploma Projects at UAUIM is also revealed by the imposing list of internationally renowned names, present at the 2020 session: prof., Dr. Adalberto del Bo (Deputy Dean AUIC, Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni, Politecnico di Milano), prof., Dr. David Covo (Director, School of Architecture, McGill University), prof., Dr. David Gloster (Director of Education, Royal Institute of British Architects), prof., Dr. James Horan (former President European Association for Architectural Education), prof., Dr. Olfat Kesheik (Vice-Dean of October High Institute for Engineering and Technology), prof., Dr. Branco Kolerevic (Dean, Hillier College of Architecture and Design), prof., Dr. Lilly Kudic (Head of Architecture, London South Bank University), prof., Dr. Neven Fuchs Mikac (Prof. emeritus at The Oslo School of Architecture), prof., Dr. Raymond Quek (former Head of Leicester School of Architecture, of Abedian School of Architecture), prof., Dr. Andrew Vernooy (Former Dean, College of Architecture, Texas Tech University), Alessandra CAPANNA (La Sapienza University, Faculty of Architecture, Rome, Italy), Rita OCCHIUTO (PhD, Prof. in Architecture and Landscape Design, Faculté d’Architecture Université de Liège, Belgium), Doina Maravela MOSS (Senior Architect, Interiors with art, London Expertise), George DUMITRU (Principal at Studio Dumitru Architects, Westport, Connecticut, USA New York, USA), Stefania KENLEY (PhD in Architecture from the University Paris, France), Lukas BOBOTIS (Architect, Bobotis+Bobotis Architects, Athens, Greece), Maximilian ZIELINSKI & Daniel ZIELINSKI (Associate Partner Foster + Partners, UK), Alex DILL (PhD Prof. Architect of the Institute of Building Design, Karlsruhe Institut Fur Technologie, Darmstadt), Byeong-Joon KANG (Prof. for Architectural Design and Urban Design and Theory, Inje University, Busan, Korea Visiting prof., Korea University, Seoul, Korea), Carlos LAMEIRO (Tenured Associate Prof., Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, Portugal), Karin HOFERT (Arch., As. Prof., Department of Architectural Design, Barcelona School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Catalunya), Ron KENLEY (Independent Filmmaker, Paris, France), Darin COOK (Architect, Principal Associate at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects), Mariachiara BONETTI (Adjunct Prof. of Interior and Urban Design at Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Art, Brescia Research Fellow at the University of Brescia, Italy), Amos BAR-ELI (Senior Lecturer, Department of Interior Design, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel), Agostino BOSSI (Prof. ad Honorem, Facultad de Arquitectura de Montevideo, Universidad de la República, República Oriental del Uruguay. Prof. in the Master en Diseño de Interiores, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Prof. in the master en Arquitectura de Interiores, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), etc.

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