Roman BATIN, chef at MEZZO Italian Restaurant Chișinău within BERD’S hotel, considers the link between the university and the business environment to be very important, contributing to this relation while pursuing a Master’s degree at the Technical University of Moldova – the program “Management of restaurants and catering services” in the Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Food Technology.

Even though he already has an exceptional experience in the art of gastronomy, Roman BATIN says that he is very dedicated to his own development in the field, hence deciding to study for a Master’s degree.

His journey in the world of gastronomy began when he was a student in St. Petersburg, where, for a relatively short period of time, he also got to cook for Putin, at the opening of the “Russkaia Ribalka” restaurant, located in the middle of a lake and having access to fishing right from within the restaurant. The place was attracting wealthy customers, so at one point, cooking for celebrities became a routine. He cooked for Dartanian – Mihail Baiarscki, for the singers Stas Mihailov and Niuşa, and was often invited to work in other places. However, Roman dreamed of coming to London, eventually managing to fulfill his dream and work with the famous chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, and cook for the famous actor George Clooney. After a while, he returned to Moldova to share the experience gained abroad and to initiate something beautiful at home. The collaboration with MEZZO gives him the freedom to express his creative vision in the art of cooking, Roman being a member of the Federation of Italian Chefs. However, he won’t stop there, his goal being to bring the first Michelin star to Moldova.

“I love my job, because this profession has no limits. Spending 90% of my time in the kitchen, I appreciate every moment and I know that no matter how much I advance, there is always room for perfection”, considers Roman, having an encouraging message for those who are at the beginning of their path in this profession:

– If you are interested in the art of gastronomy, if you are curious to find out what are the processes within the preparation of dishes, if you want to manage a professional kitchen and thus participate in the enrichment of Moldova’s culinary prospects, I urge you with confidence to follow a Master in restaurant and catering services management at the most dynamic university in the country – the Technical University of Moldova!

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