The public debate organized by Radio Moldova Tineret on the topic: “University education in the Republic of Moldova: opportunity for reforms”, conducted with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation (FES), had among its guests the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, Dr. Viorel BOSTAN.

The subject of reforms in higher education, being a very topical one, brought to the fore the sad reality of the gradual decrease of the number of students (according to some studies, by 2030, it will reach about 15 thousand students), therefore underlining the need for a mechanism to modernize the entire higher education system, to make more efficient use of the money allocated from the university budget, as well as to adopt a new methodology for financing universities.

In this context, the rector of UTM, Viorel Bostan, mentioned that higher education is drastically underfunded. A new funding methodology has been adopted, but that is not enough, as there is a necessity to review the volume of funding for higher education and research. Accomplishing this will generate impactful changes in a few years.

The dialogue also highlighted the online reorientation of education due to the pandemic.

In this regard, the rector of UTM stressed that internal platforms are being developed at the Technical University, such as Moodle, which ensures a better connection between teacher and student, especially during the pandemic period. In the last two months of studies, the access to the information services of the University has increased three times.

According to Nadezhda VELIȘCO, head of the policy department in the field of higher education at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the pandemic caused 90% of teachers to use the Moodle platform. Three evaluation agencies, from three different countries, confirmed the quality of studies in Moldova. The same studies showed that the Ministry’s efforts must be directed towards investments in higher education, quality assurance of study programs, the opening of remote learning programs, which will be useful even for the diaspora.

In the Republic of Moldova, there are 16 public higher education institutions with financial autonomy.

The debate is part of the series of public talk shows “Young people discuss” organized by Radio Moldova Tineret in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Moldova Foundation, which bring to the public’s attention the problems faced by young people in the Republic of Moldova.

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