A new textbook on Family Law was recently issued at the Publishing House “Tehnica UTM”, thus assuring one more addition to the list of preparations for the new study year at the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, UTM.

The author of the textbook, associate professor, Dr. Ina BOSTAN, head of the “Law” study program, set out to familiarize students with the science of family law. In her opinion, the study of Family Law highlights the importance of the family in society. Through the family, the transmission-assimilation of attitudes, values, conceptions or patterns of behavior specific to a group takes place, for the purpose of formation, adaptation and social integration of a person. Therefore, harmonious relations between the members of a family, based on the principles of friendship, solidarity and respect, contributes to the formation of a healthy society.

Focusing on the theoretical aspects, combined with the practical ones, the textbook “Family Law” is a substantial contribution to national teaching, serving as a real source of information not only for Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral students, but also for practitioners, who often face certain difficult situations when it comes to assessing the application of family law rules in the administration of justice.

The team of the “Law” study program expresses sincere congratulations to the author of the new textbook, Dr. Ina BOSTAN, associate professor and lawyer, on the occasion of editing this manual for the study discipline “Family Law”, Department of Engineering, Law and Real Estate Evaluation, Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, UTM.

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