07.07.2020 – START pre-registration for “UTM Admission”!

After a semester of remote classes, exams and online paperworks, technology will continue to aid this year’s Admission process.

Potential students who aspire to continue their studies at the Technical University of Moldova – graduates of high schools, colleges / centers of excellence and high schools in the eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova, will be able to independently register their personal data for enrollment in the admission competition for the current year. This is made possible through the online application launched today.

The application was created by a group of UTM specialists: design – CEGHID (Radu MELNIC and Natalia ȘESTENCO); development – DTIC (Ion ICHIM and Vasile DEREVLENCO); testing – Admission Committee.

The application includes four distinct steps for filling in personal data, completely replacing the manual processing of documents submitted to the admission contest.

Initially, each candidate will create an account, filling in the fields: Name, Surname, E-mail, and will receive on their e-mail the link to enter the Virtual Personal Office. After giving his consent for the processing of his personal data, it will be possible to authenticate and operate all the requested additions, but also to return later with various necessary modifications or adjustments, before the file is accepted by the UTM Admissions Committee.

The data provided by the candidates while filling in the form can be found in the identity card, from where they are to be transcribed (for compliance, it will be required to attach the copy, scanned or photo). After which the candidate will indicate the home address, a phone number through which he can be contacted, but also the phone numbers of other contacts.

At the same time, the candidates will upload copies of the diplomas of their pre-university studies – BAC, college / center of excellence (or middle school, in the case of candidates from the Eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova).

Given that for each study program in the Admission offer, the quota of 15% of the number of state financed places provided in the enrollment plan is established, the candidates who are in the special categories nominated in the Application, according to the Admission Regulation, will complete a sheet with the respective fields, loading the confirmatory documents.

The final step will be to select the study programs in which candidates would like to be enrolled, ticking them in descending order, according to preference.

A superbly simple platform, in strict accordance with the current health regime imposed by the pandemic.

Dear admission candidates, you are welcome in the great family of UTM!

To register, access the link


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