“I am a student of UTM – I choose the Francophone Branch Informatique!”

The students of the Francophone Branch “Informatique” (FFI) within the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, voiced their sincere appreciation towards Alma Mater – FFI-FCIM-UTM, towards their teachers, whom they consider guides throughout their professional paths, as well as the joy of the everyday student life. To all the young people who are today considering their decision on the choice for a professional future: the study program Information Technology – Francophone Branch “Informatique” within FCIM-UTM is the perfect opportunity.

Why FFI-FCIM-UTM? Because here you will benefit from multiple opportunities, coveted partnerships, local and international internships, a vast study and communication experience with French-speaking teachers in the country and abroad, but also an enthusiastic and unique environment.

If you want to convince yourself about the opportunities of FFI, future candidates and those passionate about IT and French are invited to participate, on July 9, starting at 11.00 a.m., in the online event “Je Suis UTM- ist! I choose the Francophone Branch Informatique!”, organized in partnership with a good friend of FCIM – Pentalog – an IT services platform that offers software development solutions, IT consulting, IT recruitment / freelancing, digital marketing and financing for start-ups. The event will be attended by teachers, current and former students of UTM – employed at Pentalog, who will answer all questions regarding admission, the reasons for choosing this study program, the challenges met during the student years and the career opportunities after graduation.

The study program “Information Technology” – Francophone Branch “Informatique” of the Department of Software Engineering and Automatics, FCIM, concordantly combines the theoretical studies with the applied ones. This is largely due to the multi-year partnership with the Francophone University Agency (AUF) and the company Pentalog, the latter offering internships since 2005 at its headquarters in France, and many of Pentalog’s current employees have benefited in turn from internships at Pentalog production centers in France and Romania. The company also has subsidiaries in Vietnam, Germany, USA, Mexico, successfully implementing multiple professional growth strategies, to which all those interested can aspire.

Since 2018, the students of the Francophone Branch “Informatique” benefit from an alternating training program defined and implemented with the support of AUF, Pentalog, ATIC and the Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Rouen, with a total budget of 130,000 euros. This project aims to train students and teachers within the program through the active involvement of specialists from Moldova and France.

At FFI, internships in companies start in the first semester of the second year, during which students consolidate their knowledge gained at university, form team collaboration skills and learn to develop projects, so that at the end of year 3, they can already add to their CV some prospective projects, developed within the program.

In other words, the advantages of the study program “Information Technology” – Francophone Branch “Informatique” include:

# The opportunity to learn from professionals within the industry.

# Training of communication and teamwork skills, as well as other skills essential to a successful IT career.

# The possibility to apply for internships within the branches of Pentalog in Moldova, Romania and France.

# The opportunity to be invited as a young specialist in the Pentalog team and to be supported in the professional development program.

Join us: “Je suis UTM-ist – I choose the Francophone Branch Informatique!”

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