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Open Doors Day at FET: the prospects of the most dynamic fields of the Future

Today, the high school graduates passionate about electronics and telecommunications had the opportunity to participate in the Open Doors Day at FET – Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications within the Technical University of Moldova.

The young people were greeted by the secretary of the UTM Admission Committee – Radu MELNIC, the dean of FET – associate professor, Dr. Pavel NISTIRIUC, the vice dean – lecturer Andrei CHIHAI, the head of the Department of Telecommunications and Electronic Systems – associate professor, Dr. Lilia SAVA and the heads of the study programs “Engineering and Management in Telecommunications” and “Telecommunications Networks and Software” – associate professor, Dr. Lucia GUJUMAN and lecturer Arina LACHI.

– Because we want to ensure efficient and up-to-date training for our students, in accordance to the development and evolution of technologies in the field, every year we invest in high quality studies and, thus, we transform the student life into a unique experience, mentioned dean Pavel NISTIRIUC.

The young people were interested in the study offer of FET, especially the possibility to study Telecommunications Technologies and Systems; Telecommunications networks and software; Applied Electronics; Security of electronic and telecommunications systems; Telecommunications engineering and management; Radio and television communications. After their Bachelor’s program, the students have the opportunity to continue their studies for a Master’s degree or to work in a mobile phone company, where a telecommunications engineer is essential for ensuring network functionality, technical support for suppliers, subcontractors, partners, resolving customer complaints through specialized analysis or field investigations, working with specific databases and proposing solutions for optimizing communication networks.

Ultimately, studying at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications fulfills the aspiration of excelling in the most dynamic and technological fields of the Future.

See you tomorrow, online, at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy!

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