Open Doors Days at FUA-UTM: Rediscovering Architecture

Today, the Open Doors Day was held, in online format, at the Botanica academic campus, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The FUA professors gave their best in organizing the event, aiming to introduce all the departments and study programs of the Faculty. Thus, the secretary of the UTM Admission Committee, Radu MELNIC, and the dean of FUA, Sergiu BEJAN, were accompanied by the vice-deans Sergiu TRONCU and Andrei BURAGA, by the heads of the departments of Architecture – Aurelia CARPOV; Heat, Water, Gas Supply and Environmental Protection – Vera GUȚUL; Roads, Materials and Mechanization in Construction – Ruslan BORDOS; Urban Planning and Design – Alexandru COCIN; by the heads of the study programs “Railways, Roads and Bridges” – Eduard PROASPĂT; “Heat and Gas Supply Systems, Ventilation” – Livia LEANCĂ; “Ecotechnics, Ecology Management and Water Engineering” – Ion IONEȚ; “Interior Design” – Liliana PLATON; „Urban Planning and Landscape Design” – Elena MANȚUC; „Architecture” – Ala CARCEA; but also by the scientific secretary of the Faculty Council and the person in charge of scientific activity, Anatolie SÎLI and Eugeniu BRĂGUȚĂ.

While talking about the study programs, divided according to the multiple aspects of the specialties studied within FUA, the teachers emphasized the importance, but also the beauty of the profession of an architect, who is both an engineer and an artist, a creator and a thinker. Beyond the freedom of thought and creativity when developing new projects, the architect has the important mission of preserving the architectural identity of cities, towns, in close connection with the environment, but also with the preferences of the inhabitants.

The students were impressed to learn the link between the study of Architecture and Urban Planning (where the identification of sustainable solutions is becoming increasingly important), cities now becoming the main field of activity for an architect. Major interest is also displayed for landscaping, interior design, environmental engineering, water protection, as well as other related areas, which can be found in the curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. 

Tomorrow, we wait for you online at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications!

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