Open Doors Days: High school graduates, eager to apply to FTA

Today, the Faculty of Food Technology of the Technical University of Moldova opened its doors to high school graduates eager to explore this field and initiate an online dialogue.

The Dean of the Faculty, assoc. prof., Dr. Vladislav REȘITCA, accompanied by Radu MELNIC, the responsible secretary of the UTM Admissions Committee, and a large team of professors, including vice-deans assoc. prof., Dr. Iurie SUBOTIN and assoc. prof., Dr. Raisa DRUȚĂ, heads of the departments of Oenology and Chemistry – prof., Dr. Rodica STURZA; Food Technology – assoc. prof., Dr. Artur MACARI, Food and Nutrition – assoc. prof., Dr. Aurica CHIRSANOVA, as well as the heads of the study programs “Technology and management in public catering” – assoc. prof., Dr. Tatiana CAPCANARI; „Public nutrition services” – assoc. prof., Dr. Eugenia COVALIOV; „Food technology” – assoc. prof., Dr. Viorica BULGARU; “Wine and Fermented Products Technology” – assoc. prof., Dr. Dan ZGARDAN, mentioned that the Faculty consists of 4 departments, 38 modern laboratories, a Center of Excellence in Viticulture and Vinification “Center for Oenological Research” and the Francophone Branch “Technologies Alimentaires”. The total of FTA students consists of about 900 young people passionate about food technology, taught by about 80 representatives of the teaching staff.

In addition, the students were interested in internships, scholarships for the current year’s Admission, the ERASMUS academic mobility scholarship and the job offers proposed after graduation.

On Monday, we will meet online at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport!

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