A new online career guidance dialogue with the motto “If I stay home, I choose…” was organized by the diez team, this time focusing on the field of IT. Dinu ȚURCANU – vice-rector of UTM, Sergiu NAGAILÎC – web developer, and Ana-Maria BRÎNZĂ, Master student at UTM and project manager within Orange Moldova, were invited to talk about the way UTM trains IT specialists and the career prospects of future students and young professionals in the field.

“IT allows me to be born in Moldova, to live in Spain and to work for Australia”, this is how Sergiu NAGAILÂC started his speech. “I have lived in Thailand, Mexico, Peru and the USA. We moved once every two or three months and all we needed was an Internet connection. Even if I live in Spain, where salaries for IT people are not the best, I can always move to the UK market, for example”, Sergiu added.

If you are in doubt about applying to an IT faculty at home or abroad, Ana-Maria encourages you to choose to stay at home and offers more details from her own experience: “I submitted the documents at a university in Cluj and I was accepted, but then I had read an article about the opportunity of studying IT in English at UTM, and that caught my attention. So I applied here too, and considering that studies in Romania start in October, I decided to test it out for a month. There were two entrance exams: English and Mathematics. Within a month, I managed to fall in love with my teachers, colleagues and University. Even when I was in the US for a semester and had doubts about managing to deal with the academic demands, when I got there, I realized that studies at UTM were actually at a high level. In the USA, they were studying math from the same textbook we were working with at UTM. I made the right decision by staying home, because here I discovered opportunities that opened many doors for me.”

Many prospective students, when they think of IT, are terrified of the idea of ​​studying mathematics.

“Soon, we will not be able to talk about journalism, accounting or management without IT. The professions of the future are related to IT. Math and physics don’t scare anyone. It’s not what you think it is. The university was modernized a lot in terms of content and materials, precisely in accordance to the labor market. The university does not train coders, but engineers. That’s why you need math”, said Dinu Țurcanu.

If, as a future student, you don’t know what to expect in your first year of study and you wonder if you will have any free time left, Ana-Maria tells you: “The first year of University is full of new experiences: laboratory works, and homeworks also. And, in the first year, mathematics is taught. It’s complicated until you get used to the new routine. There’s the possibility of going through a few sleepless nights during the first exam session. Afterwards, there is enough time for extracurricular activities or a possible part-time job”.

As a future IT student, but also a future specialist, you should know that IT is a general term, which comes with many opportunities, or “professions”.

“IT is like a giant tree, with various branches and directions. Development of mobile applications, websites, games, front-end, back-end, etc. At university I had a taste of everything and chose to focus on web development. By the end of your study years, many new technologies will appear, and new products are made based on modern technologies. Now, most are looking for developers in React and Angular, because these are modern technologies. What will happen in four years? Hard to say. But, surely, all areas will be interconnected or will be linked to IT. If a field will not have this link, we will be the ones to automate it”, said Sergiu.

“If previously I believed that in IT there is only programming, with time, I became convinced that it is a vast field, in which you can give free rein to your imagination and be creative. Thus, I found myself in the Project Management part and I like to coordinate with the technical teams”, added Ana-Maria.

Regarding the labor market, Dinu Țurcanu wanted to mention that: “IT jobs are the best paid. But the fact that you graduated from a university and have a diploma does not mean that someone will be ready to pay you 1,000 euros from the get-go. Skills are the most important now. Young people should understand that there are tens of thousands of students who graduate with them and they all have the same dreams.”

About all the programs offered by UTM, but also about other learning resources, find out from the video below:

Dacă rămân acasă, merg la Tehnologii Informaționale. Eveniment online de orientare în carieră organizat de #diez

Dacă rămân acasă, merg la Tehnologii Informaționale. Eveniment online de orientare în carieră organizat de #diezEchipa #diez vorbește astăzi cu Dinu Țurcanu, Ana-Maria Brînză și Sergiu Nagailîc despre studiile în IT și cariera la care să se aștepte viitorii studenți și tineri profesioniști.

Опубликовано diez Вторник, 23 июня 2020 г.

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