The Master’s program “Design and Development of Product”, the first with a double diploma at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Iași, Romania, has its first generation of graduates.

Through the Microsoft Teams application, the Master’s students of gr. DDP-181M presented the results of the scientific research conducted within their Master’s theses, developed under the auspices of teachers from the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy (UTM) and the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management (TUIași).

The approached topic is very relevant currently in the field of textiles, requiring creative ideas and innovative solutions in sustainable fashion and recycling technologies – clothing reuse, capitalizing on the national material heritage, 3D printing in the fashion industry.

The graduate Mihaela BEȘLIU, under the aegis of her scientific coordinator – associate professor, Dr. Stela BALAN, carried out an extensive study of the traditional costume from Bessarabia and the romanian Moldova and Bucovina, assessing the structural elements of the contemporary costume for special occasions – another current topic, in the context of which, in recent years, we have been following a general trend of returning to national cultural values, particularly the ancestral ones. The use of the elements characteristic of traditional dress is observed in the works of many artists and contemporary clothing designers, and the graduate came with constructive solutions and clothing models for women and men, using the structural elements from the traditional Bessarabian, Moldovian and Bukovinian costumes.

Olga SAMOILĂ explored, under the auspices of associate professor, Dr. Jana CÎRJA, the boro technique, its influence on the functionality of a clothing product and the use of several elements applied in the reuse of handmade clothing. The topicality of the theme derives from the current tendencies to live a life as balanced as possible, in terms of a clean environment, based on global concepts of waste reduction, rational and efficient consumption of resources, replacement of toxic raw materials with natural ones, without environmental damage. The section the author focused on is the study of various methods of recycling clothing and identifying an optimal method to ensure the sustainability of knitwear, presenting various methods for redesigning knitted products.

Cristina LAZĂR, guided by associate professor, Dr. Marcela IROVAN, reflected on the applications of unconventional 3D printing technologies for transforming the traditional Romanian garments, being one of the first Master’s students who implemented her research technologically and defined the algorithm for making the clothing product by FDM printing. The practical value of the thesis lies in the idea of applying three-dimensional printing and programming technologies for the promotion of folk costumes. For the creation of virtual products, she used the CLO 3D application, through which she designed, modeled, assembled, tested and simulated a contemporary clothing ensemble developed based on the traditional Romanian dress.

The President of the Master’s Examination Committee, prof., Dr. Tudor STĂVILĂ, the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the ASM, appreciated the performance of the Master’s students, the topicality of the approached topics and the beautiful results of the scientific researches, mentioning the contribution of the teachers who ensured the coordination of the Master’s theses.

“I applied for a Master’s degree long after graduating – but I feel like I have returned home, where we are supported and encouraged to strive to achieve our dreams and professional aspirations – here, at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy. Thank you, dear teachers!” – said with Mihaela BEȘLIU, already a graduate with a Master’s in Engineering.

The professors of the Department of Design and Technologies in Textiles and Polygraphy also wished them much success in defending their Master’s theses at the Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management of the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Iași, Romania, which will take place at the end of July.

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