Irina CREȚU and Constantin ROȘCA graduated from UTM’s Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, specialty “Engineering and Protection of Water” in the same year – 2010. In 2013, together, they founded their own Project Design company in the Water Supply and Sewerage sector, in which, every day, they work and strive for continuous improvement in their field.

Demonstrating a fish protection system, located below the minimum level of the Prut River, in the catchment area in the Leova town, Constantin explains the water treatment process: being collected by means of vacuum pumps, the water passes through the pumping station, and in the treatment station it passes through open filters, after which it is disinfected. Constantin noted that each object they designed brought them immense professional satisfaction when it was implemented in their practical activity and motivated them to strive to achieve new highs.

– FUA meant a lot to me, says Irina. In addition to all the technical knowledge in the field, here, I shaped my character, engineering spirit, critical thinking, and an objective attitude towards  – qualities that have become a priority in my daily work.

The two have a conclusive answer to the rhetorical question of young people who are on the verge of choosing their professional future: “Why UTM? Why FUA?”, emphasizing the importance of #UTMstudy programs:

– Because at UTM you can find a wide variety of specialties from which you can choose the most suitable for you! Each specialty is unique and interesting. With the constant acquisition of knowledge in the specialty, your passion for it grows bigger, and when you truly cherish your profession, the work is also fun!

Regarding the professional field they chose, they emphasized that, for many years, the country’s population has been facing lack of access to safe sources of drinking water. Not to mention the resistance of public sewerage systems in localities, which allow the evacuation and treatment of wastewater, so as not to harm the environment. Currently, the Republic of Moldova is facing an acute shortage of engineers, especially in the field of civil engineering. And choosing a specialty from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning offers young people a unique chance to become a highly sought-after specialist.

Irina and Constantin motivate the admission candidates with a message:

– If you advocate for the development of the Republic of Moldova, if you have solid and definite objectives in this regard and you strive to achieve them, then your place is at UTM! The strongest argument in this respect is already known: Engineers create the Future! The world needs engineers. The Republic of Moldova needs You!

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