Whether we graduated from University recently or 10-20 years ago, when we talk about our student years, our faces always light up. It is the most authentic expression of the joy of the fulfilled dream of being the student of the university or faculty we strived for and whose name, after graduation, we proudly include in the list of our most important achievements. The message of gratitude sent to professors, mentors, colleagues, friends and parents, written by the new graduate of the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre, Eugen TIGANU, highlights UTM’s values of continuously promoting communication and collaboration between its teachers, students and graduates; an academic environment which perpetuates the desire to create generations of skilled specialists, a family we are proud to be part of.

“My gratitude is directed, first and foremost, to the lecturer, Dr. Ana Vlasenco, under the scientific guidance of which I elaborated my Bachelor’s thesis on the topic: “Topo-geodetic insurance for the design of the Ungheni – Chișinău gas pipeline” and who became a valuable mentor – modest and always available to help. Her intellectual rigor, suggestions, corrections, advice, critical thinking and dedication have made an essential contribution to this work.

Moreover, my special thanks go to my mentor, assist. lect., Dr. Dumitru Botnaru, for the time dedicated to this work, for the commitment and constant support offered, for the scientific guidance and last but not least, for the enthusiasm manifested during the elaboration of this Bachelor’s thesis.

As a sign of my appreciation, I bow before my distinguished professors – associate professor, Dr. Livia Nistor-Lopatenco, associate professor, Dr. Vasile Grama, assist. lect., Dr. Alexandru Pantaz, assist. lect. Ion Boicu from the Faculty of Constructions, Geodesy and Cadastre within the Technical University of Moldova, for the knowledge acquired during my studies, which became the foundation of my professional development.

I respectfully thank the entire staff of SRL GlobalCAD ​​and especially the engineer Vasile Ionas, from whom I received valuable support during my internship and during the execution of the works indispensable for the study.

My personal thanks are directed to those who have been close to me throughout the entire process of developing my Bachelor’s thesis:

I am grateful to my friends and colleagues Costea Golovei and Andrei Lungu, who offered me incredible support, both in the technical aspects and in the structural organization of my work.

Sincere thanks to my friend Luminița Gâlcă, who helped me in writing and editing the study materials, for everything she did and everything she was for me during the elaboration of this paper.

And the warmest thanks to my family, who supported me in all the difficult moments and who was by my side whenever I needed it. I’m genuinely grateful and I bow before my parents for the affection and unconditional help, for all the sacrifices that made the realization of this Bachelor’s thesis possible.

P.S. I dedicate this study to my grandfather, who, today, would be proud to see the results of my work.”

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