Her name is Marianna MELNIC, and she is a Digital Marketing specialist, but she also owns a brand of TeePee tents for children – domik.ro, owing it to her passion for sewing, which she has carried in her heart since childhood.

She reveals that she has always liked to explore, to invent, to create small joys through the art of sewing. Thus, when the time came to choose a specialty – she opted for the field of design, becoming a student at the Technical University of Moldova, at the Faculty of Light Industry, currently the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy, specialty “Design and Technology of Leather Confections”.

She was going to become a footwear designer, which she was super enthusiastic about: Marianna liked the prospect of expressing herself in modeling, and she had loved the University from the very beginning, always admiring the unique integration of the study process with the manufacturing one, which the students of the faculty had the chance to watch live at the factories and enterprises in the Republic – from the sketches in the designer’s office to the finished product. Later, she had the opportunity to design and make her first pair of shoes (stiletto shoes!) – marking the day when she had her first professional success. For her graduation project, after a thorough study of osteoporosis and foot amputation and malformations, she intended to create a pair of orthopedic shoes at the Republican Experimental Center for Prosthetics, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation – CREPOR.

Thus, ever since she entered the university classrooms, Marianna became convinced that she had made the right choice. That is why she gladly responded to CEGHID’s invitation to talk to her peers about her choice and to emphasize in this way the importance of #UTMstudy programs.

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