Bachelor’s 2020, FTP: New concepts of printing products

“Design and Polygraph Technologies” is the first program of the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy to conduct the examination of undergraduate projects in this academic year. The public presentation took place online, on June 10 and 11, 2020, using the Microsoft Teams application, president of the Examination Committee being associate professor, Dr. Natalia PROCOP, Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova.

Guided by the teachers of the program, the students pursued a wide variety of printing products: educational sets for children, books with stories and games, encyclopedias, book editions for the development of creativity, multifunctional office sets, graphic-artistic editions, editions with epigrams, didactic-literary editions with comics, packaging for sweets, for juices, biodegradable packaging for dairy products, ecological packaging for food, packaging for cosmetics.

All the presented projects stood out through originality, creativity, complexity of the approach, many of them being at the implementation stage, as a result of collaboration with publishing-printing and educational institutions in the country. Among them were the following Bachelor’s projects: Elaboration of the interactive educational set for children aged 3-5 years, author: Lia-Liliana ȘONȚU, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC; Elaboration of a book edition for the development of creativity through drawing, for children aged 7-12, author: Alisa CALUGHIN, coord.: lect. Lucia ADASCALIȚA, Elaboration of a book with stories and games, author: Magdalena ZAHARIA, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC; Elaboration of comics based on popular narrative, author: Cristi MUNTEAN, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC; Aesthetic and constructive solution for intelligent packaging for dairy products from biodegradable materials, coord.: lect. Marin CUCERENCU; Aesthetic and constructive solution for the 7-year-old children’s guide for the purpose of promoting the Republic of Moldova, author: Andrei STAMATIN, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC; Aesthetic and constructive solution for multifunctional office calendars, author: Mihai ROMANCIUC, coord.: lect. Lucia ADASCALIȚA; Aesthetic and constructive solution for the edition of narrative book for children, author: Moșneagu Elena, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Jana CÎRJA; Aesthetic and constructive solution for the brand book of the Design and Polygraphy Technologies program, author: Cristina BAHNARU, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Viorica CAZAC.

The President of the Bachelor’s Examination Committee, prof. Natalia PROCOP, mentioned that the Technical University of Moldova reconfirmed, through the presentations of the Bachelor’s projects of the Design and Polygraph Technologies program, its leading position in the national education sector, as per preparation and organization standards. Relevant topics and products of great complexity were approached, aesthetic and constructive solutions integrated with current educational and publishing technologies were identified, materials were analyzed and chosen according to the requirements imposed for the products for which they were selected, in correlation with current trends, with reference to their eco-friendliness, harmlessness, biodegradability, etc., the technological solutions regarding the printing technology used, the equipment and the organization of the manufacture were identified. All projects took into account work safety issues and the evaluation of the economic efficiency of the projects.

Additionally, the students were congratulated for their results and the title of Bachelor of Engineering in Design and Polygraphy Technologies, obtained with the help and guidance of the teachers of the program. Good luck to them in the future!

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