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Cătălina COADĂ: “Choose UTM and you will not regret it!”

Cătălina COADĂ graduated from the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, specialty “Accounting”, in 2019. Since her second year, she works in a company as an accountant, which led her to conduct, for her Bachelor’s thesis, a detailed study on “Accounting and analysis of stocks of goods in trade”. The Bachelor’s Committee appreciated the graduate’s conclusions and proposals, as they are already successfully implemented in the company’s management process and have generated considerable economic effects.

Cătălina COADĂ is also one of the 10 valedictorians of 2019, awarded by the rector of UTM, prof., Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, with a cash prize and a laptop, the graduates being declared UTM ambassadors wherever they go in the world – an aspect that Cătălina constantly certifies through dialogues with young people on the verge of choosing their professional future, talking to them about what is it like to keep the pace of excellence in engineering studies, what her future plans are and how does UTM’s academic landscape develop and evolve so that studies become the aspiration and attraction of as many young people as possible?. It acts as a conclusive proof of the fact that the training of future specialists at UTM is at the highest level, the University having an attractive image in the business environment and ranking first in various national and international ratings.

Her message to future candidates is simple and encouraging: “Choose UTM and you will not regret it!”

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