Bachelor’s 2020. Francophone branch “Technologies Alimentaires”

On June 11 and 12, the Department of Food and Nutrition (head: associate professor, Dr. Aurica CHIRSANOVA) within the Faculty of Food Technology (dean: associate professor, Dr. Vladislav REȘITCA), conducted the Bachelor’s Thesis Defense of the graduates of the specialty “Food Technology”, the Francophone Branch “Technologies Alimentaires”, gr. FFT-161.

The exam took place on the Office 365 platform – Microsoft Times, the online space proving to be spacious enough for both graduates and their teachers, as well as for the parents, relatives and friends of those who were to defend their thesis in front of the Bachelor’s Exam Committee (president: Andrei IOVU, director of quality management, cheese factory “Lactalis” in Soroca). In the four years of studies, the undergraduates have grown to be true specialists – experts in the field and good analysts of the existing situation, demonstrated by the ingenious ideas and solutions proposed for various issues. For example, in their theses, the graduates analyzed the types of public catering units, their productive-commercial structure, basic technical-economic indicators, planning and functional groups of rooms according to their functional-technological destination, the staff and its qualification, supplying, production and the sale of foodstuffs, culinary and confectionery-pastry preparations, as well as services, coming with solutions for the modernization of rooms and diversification of services, as well as matters regarding various products, manufacture, their composition, association between them, ways of preparation, etc.

Among the topics covered were: „Produits fonctionnels à base d’extraits de caroténoïdes” („Functional products based on carotenoid extracts”, author: Valeria BANDALAC; coord.: prof., Dr. Rodica STURZA); „Modernisation de la technologie de fabrication de saucisses semi-fumées du type „De casă” („Modernization of the technology for the manufacture of semi-smoked sausages of the “Homemade” type”, author: Daniela FRUMUSACHI, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Artur MACARI); „Gestion de l’activité marketing dans une entreprise vinicole de la République de Moldavie” („Management of marketing activity in a wine company of the Republic of Moldova”, author: Vlad IGNATENCO, coord: lecturer Viorica CĂRĂUȘ), „Développement des technologies pour l’obtention des produits fonctionnels à base de caroube (ceratonia siliqua)” („Development of technologies for obtaining functional carob (ceratonia siliqua) products”, author: Zina MAȘCAUȚAN, coord.: associate professor, Dr. Tatiana CAPCANARI), etc. Withal, both graduates and professors wanted to express their sincere thanks to the Francophone University Agency (AUF Chișinău) for the contribution and enormous support to the training of engineers within the Francophone “Technologies Alimentaires” Department.

Congratulations, dear graduates!

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