The 2020 Admission: online meeting with students from Gagauzia

About 100 graduates from 21 high schools from Comrat, Ceadâr Lunga and Vulcănești met today, online, with the members of the Admission Committee and the team of the Career Information and Guidance Center within UTM.

The academic collaboration between the administration of the Technical University of Moldova and that of the Territorial-Administrative Unit of Gagauzia has undergone an amazing evolution in recent years. The prudence regarding the professional training in the fields / specialties that the region urgently needs at present resulted in a generous offer from the UTAG administration and, implicitly, from governor Irina VLAH, which, since 2018, according to a Memorandum with UTM, fully covers 50 tuition fees for young Gagauzians who choose to continue their studies at UTM. The CEGHID team has been promoting UTM in the high schools of Gagauzia for 3 years now, and during the Admission period, UTM opens a Center for receiving documents in Comrat. Along the way, upon request – academic groups with teaching in Russian may be organized.

This year, however, given the situation affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the parties have proposed a new plan of action for career guidance of young people – an online dialogue of Gagauz graduates with UTM representatives through the video conferencing application Google Meet. The organization of this large-scale action is largely the merit of Ms. Anna RUSSU, deputy chief of the UTAG Education Department, and Natalia KRISTEVA, Head of the UTAG Education Department, who took the role of the dialogue moderator, starting with a suggestive introductory speech on the importance of engineering specialties, supported by the organizers from UTM – Radu MELNIC, responsible secretary of the Admission Committee; Natalia ȘESTENCO, deputy director for Professional Guidance, CEGHID.

The dialogue focused on the main topics of Admission: study programs, employment prospects after graduation, academic mobility, internships, dorm accommodation, range of extracurricular activities, etc. As it turned out, a big number of students have already reflected on what specialty they would like to study at UTM. This is because the UTAG authorities have informed them of the recent amendments made by the Executive Committee of Gagauzia regarding the Regulation on educational subsidies for students that are to study at UTM, referring to a list of specialties that the region urgently needs, UTAG guaranteeing to grant subsidies in the amount of 10,000 lei to the young people who choose them.

According to Natalia KRISTEVA, the specialties were selected on the basis of an updated socio-economic analysis of the labor market needs, taking into account the priority areas in the development of UTAG. The main focus was on promoting IT technologies and innovative processes. At the same time, the funds established annually in the UTAG budget for 50 students with scholarships remain unchanged. The modifications affected the establishment of a limit for admission to one specialty or another. If previously the specialties approved by the regulation were not limited by a certain number of places, the students being free to choose any field of study from the established list, then, according to the modifications, a certain number of places was established for each specialty: 12 – for the study program “Information Technology”, 10 – for “Software Engineering” (Anglophone Branch), 4 – for “Automation and Informatics”, “Computers and Networks”, “Robotics and Mechatronics” (FCIM), “Machine Building Technology” (FIMIT); 2 each – for “Applied Electronics” (FET), “Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies”, “Applied Informatics”, “Information Technology” (Francophone Branch), “Information Management”, “Information Security” (FCIM) – a total of 50 scholarships.

The dialogue between the representatives of UTM, the Gagauz graduates and the Comrat administration, held for the first time in online format, emphasizes the value that the Gagauz authorities give to engineering specialties taught at the Technical University of Moldova, this action being of major importance for the development of human capital, the country’s economy and, implicitly, the UTAG economy.

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