Graduating in 2009 from the specialty “Wine and Fermented Products Technology” from the Faculty of Food Technology, Denis NECULA had the opportunity to go to the US, where he applied online to several wineries, and the answer was not long awaited. The offer came from the Hawaiian Islands, where he is now settled and is developing his career successfully.

Due to the knowledge in the field of viticulture gained at the faculty and the multiple varieties of grapes found in the Republic of Moldova, it was very easy for him to join the new team. Although today he is far from Moldova, he is constantly watching how things progress at the Technical University and he is very happy to see that the Oenology Department is advancing impressively, acquiring modern equipment, undergoing renovation of study spaces, conducting research of various grape varieties, developing internal and external collaborations.

Given the fact that many of his University colleagues work today in renowned wineries around the world, such as in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Austria, Romania, etc., it makes him proud and gives him confidence that the Oenology Department has great prospects.

Retrospectively, he says the most valuable contributions in his training were the formidable professors from the Faculty of Food Technology: Rodica Sturza, Anatol Bălănuță, Grigore Musteață, Lidia Gherciu-Musteață, Aliona Sclifos, Vasile Arhip and last but not least, his parents, Ion and Larisa Necula, by whom his passion for this field was inspired.

Dear high school graduates, you can confidently choose to study the wine industry. I guarantee you: you will get professional training, access to the best equipment in the field, and multiple doors open for cooperation with different countries around the world.

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