On May 28, 2018, UTM launched a unique program for the moldovian educational domain – the Francophone university training program with an increased presence in the enterprises of the Republic of Moldova. The project was selected due to an international initiative started by AUF in 2017, being intended for students and teachers of the “Informatics” Francophone branch, in UTM. The project was supported by Pentalog Company and the Association of Companies in the Information and Communication Technology sector, having the University Institute of Technology in Rouen as a French partner.

“Two years since its launch, taking a look back at what we have achieved, we can firmly say that we have had the best member partners we would have ever hoped for. Our objectives were bold: facilitating the professional insertion of young graduates and improving their competitiveness on the labor market; modernizing the courses and adapting the curriculum to the needs of the local socio-economic environment, by alternating university studies with the presence of students in the enterprises. And we succeeded:

  • Teacher mobility and training at IUT Rouen by French experts,
  • Active involvement of students in exchanges and round tables,
  • Organization of mixed working groups that have modified the curriculum of the disciplines according to the current needs,
  • Renovation and endowment of 3 rooms for the Francophone space within FCIM, including a unique interactive whiteboard,
  • The intervention of the specialists from the Pentalog Company in the training of students,
  • Alternation of studies: in classrooms and enterprises – each student was present at the enterprise for 4 weeks during each year of studies,
  • Internships at the company during summer,
  • A summer school with the objectives of developing language skills, communication, teamwork and interaction, project management, negotiation techniques, etc.

In two years of activity, we have recorded many achievements and, despite the circumstances, quarantine and isolation, we will finish everything we have planned.

All that was achieved was possible due to the support of AUF, Pentalog and ATIC. We thank Mohamed Ketata, AUF Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe, Roxana Țurcanu-Tolomey, AUF representation for Moldova and Ukraine, Olesea Simion, Project Manager at Antena AUF-Chișinău, Monica Jiman, CCSO Pentalog Europe & Asia, and Elena Mutruc, manager of Pentalog Chișinău, as well as the team of mentors from Pentalog for their involvement in the project, and Mrs. Ana Chirița and Irina Oriol from ATIC, for their involvement and support!

Thanks to the colleagues from the University Institute of Technology in Rouen!

And, of course, thanks to the UTM team involved in the project: rector Viorel Bostan, vice-rectors Dinu Țurcanu (especially for the interactive whiteboard) and Larisa Bugaian, the dean of FCIM Dumitru Ciorbă, the head of the ICT Department Vasile Chetroi, and last but not least, the teaching staff and the students of the Francophone specialty of “Informatics”!

Thank you all for your involvement, support, encouragement, advice, and availability even during holidays! As the French say – Chapeaux!”

Daniela Istrati,

responsible for the Francophone training within “Informatics”, FCIM


The project „Création de la première formation universitaire francophone à présence renforcée en entreprise en République de Moldova” takes place between May 2018 and May 2021, with a total budget of over 130,000 euros. Since October 2019, UTM is implementing a second project, following the same model, at the “Food Technologies” Francophone branch at the Faculty of Food Technology.


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