On May 26, 2020, the meeting of the UTM Senate took place in a mixed format, some senators being present in the hall, and most – remotely, through the Cisco Webex tool, the connection being provided with the support of the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology. The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof., dr. Viorel BOSTAN, presented the second part of the annual report on the activity of the UTM Administration in 2019, the first part (execution of the budget plan for 2019 and planning of the UTM budget for 2020) being presented by the rector in the Senate meeting of April 30, 2020, organized in a mixed format, conditioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to support the contingent of teachers and non-teaching staff and further increase the contingent of students, the rector underlined the need to adopt a new methodology for funding universities, in accordance with the study field and expenses per student.

Mr. Bostan also presented the achievements of UTM registered in 2019 in the training of licensed engineers, Masters and Doctoral students, the efforts made to train the contingent of students, the contribution of UTM to the continuous training of specialists in UTM’s specialty fields, the results of researchers, renovation and maintenance of university buildings, laboratories and teaching-scientific equipment, the computerization of university processes, expansion of international relations and activities to promote the image of UTM, execution of the institution’s last year’s budget plan, current financial situation and this year’s challenges, which are ahead of us.

Although presented to the audience in a completely different format than before, the fourth report of the rector Viorel BOSTAN, since his election in November 2015, was as appreciated as the previous ones for the full involvement, the obvious effort and the notable results of the university administration in the successful development of UTM, as demonstrated by the vote of the majority of senators: the rating “Very Good”.

We mention that the UTM Annual Report of 2019 can be viewed publicly on the university’s website. It can be virtually browsed, according to the video examples below.




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