The “Performance in Education and Research” Award, 11 gold medals, 6 – silver, 9 – bronze and 3 Diplomas of Excellence were earned by the researchers and inventors of the Technical University of Moldova at the 12th edition of the European Exhibition “EUROINVENT 2020”, held between May 21-23, at the Palace of Culture in Iași.

It is the largest event in Eastern Europe, which promotes creativity and innovation internationally, and this year, for the first time, the works were presented online. The current edition was attended by top researchers and inventors from over 30 countries (Canada, India, Japan, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, the United States, etc.), who presented over 530 creations in all fields of interest, assessed by a jury of 50 world-class scientists.

The team of the Technical University of Moldova, consisting of 70 representatives of the teaching staff and PhD students, displayed 29 works, exhibiting the results of research and innovation activities, protected by patents.

Gold Medals

  1. VACULENCO Maxim, SCATICAILOV Serghei, MAZURU Sergiu, BOSTAN Viorel, BOSTAN Ion. Generation of precessional gearing with convex-concave contact.
  2. BOSTAN Viorel, BOSTAN Ion, DULGHERU Valeriu, CIUPERCĂ Rodion, VACULENCO Maxim, GUȚU Marin, CIOBANU Radu, CIOBANU Oleg, ODAINÎI Valeriu, GLADÎȘ Vitalie, RABEI Ion, Platon Aerodynamic wind rotor with vertical axis with variable angle of attack.
  3. CIOBANU Vladimir, ENACHI Mihail, BRANIȘTE Tudor. Micromotors driven by UV light based on advanced hybrid GaN/ZnO nanoarchitectured microtubes.
  4. MONAICO Eduard, MONAICO Elena, URSAKI Veaceslav, TIGINYANU Ion. Two-step cost-effective electrochemical technology for the preparation of free-standing perforated Au nanomembranes.
  5. ABABII Nicolai, LUPAN Oleg. Facile Fabrication of Semiconducting Oxide Nanostructures by Direct Ink Writing of Readily Available Metal Microparticles and their application as Low Power Acetone Gas Sensors.
  6. BOSTAN Ion, BOSTAN Viorel,  DULGHERU Valeriu, GUȚU Marin, CIOBANU Radu,  CIOBANU Oleg. Photovoltaic installation „SUNFLOWER”.
  7. BERNIC Mircea, ȚISLINSCAIA Natalia, BALAN Mihail, VIȘANU Vitali, Melenciuc Mihail. Drying installation for granular products in the suspension layer.
  8. ȚURCANU Dinu, NISTIRIUC Pavel. Adjustable optical attenuator for testing optical communication systems and networks.
  9. VERJBIŢKI Valeri, LUPAN Oleg, RAILEAN Serghei. Device and method for measuring the resistance of a sensor based on nanostructured semiconductor oxides in the range of the order of microwatts.
  10. ROȘCA Neonil, LUNGU Iulian, SUDACEVSCHI Viorica, ABABII Victor. Intelligent Waste Sorting System
  11. EDINAC Bogdan, Valeriu PODBORSCHI. Design Concept ELECTRIC CAR.

Silver Medals

  1. Bostan Viorel, Bostan Ion, Dulgheru Valeriu, Ciupercă Rodion, Mazuru Sergiu, Toca Alexei, Vaculenco Maxim, Bodnariuc Ion, Radu Ciobanu, Oleg Ciobanu, Trifan Nicolae, Malcoci Iulian, Dicusară Ion, Vengher Dumitru, Buga Alexandru, Bregnova Alina. Unconventional digital gear manufacturing technologies with non-standardized profiles from precessional transmissions.
  2. Ababii Nicolai, Postica Vasile, Trofim Viorel, Lupan Oleg. Process for obtaining the CuO-Fe2O3 nanowire network.
  3. Danila Victoria, Curteza Antonela, Balan Stela.  Innovative clothes solutions for children with special needs.
  4. Maria Bernic, Mihail Stamati. Furniture for children creation workshop.
  5. Mircea Zubcu, Valeriu Podborschi. Furniture pieces for the park.
  6. Sergiu Guzun, Valeriu Podborschi. Kitchen accessories for blind.

Bronze Medals

  1. Ghendov-Mosanu Aliona. Obtaining and stabilizing dyes, antioxidants and preservatives of plant origin for functional foods.
  2. Bostan Viorel, Bostan Ion, Vaculenco Maxim. Precessional transmissions with conform contact of the teeth in multi-pair gearing.
  3. Bostan Ion, Bostan Viorel,  Dulgheru Valeriu, Dumitrescu Cătălin, Dumitrescu Liliana. Aeolian-solar hybrid system for domestic water heating.
  4. Mazuru Alexandru, Trifan Nicolae, Mazuru Sergiu. Toothpick hardening device.
  5. Mazuru Sergiu, Vaculenco Maxim, Bostan Ion, Scaticailov Serghei. Process for forming the micro-relay regularly on the surface of the gear teeth.
  6. Ciobanu Radu, Ciobanu Oleg,  Botez Alexei,  Malcoci Iulian,  Dicusară Ion.  Scraper with vibromechanical drive.
  7. Ghendov-Moşanu Aliona, Popescu Liliana, Sturza Rodica, Lungu Ildiko, Opriş Ocsana-Ileana, Soran Maria-Loredana. Process for producing a functional curd cream.
  8. Lupan Cristian, Trofim Viorel.  The deposition process of ZnO films doped with Eu and functionalized with Pd.
  9. Malcoci Marina, Malcoci Maria Eudochia. MARTISORUL from tradition to modern.

Diplomas of Excellence

  1. Bulgaru Viorica, Dudush Veaceslav. Elaboration and implementation of goat milk ice cream technology with increased nutritional and biological value at SRL Mellang&Compani.
  2. Mazuru Sergiu, Lealin Stanislav, Vaculenco Maxim, Bostan Ion. Wheel – satellite.
  3. Mazuru Sergiu, Trifan Nicolaie, Mazuru Alexandru. Thermogazocyclic nitruration process.
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