Ana CIOBANU, graduate of the Bachelor’s program “Law” (2018) and the Master’s program “Cadastre and Real Estate Development” (2020), brings us a number of arguments to why you should choose Law studies at the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre, Technical University in Moldova.

She’s proficient in this field not only due to books, graduating with a nearly perfect score, but also from applying her knowledge during her experience as an employed student since her fourth year of studies, earning the position of clerk at the Chișinău Court’s central headquarters, and currently being a legal consultant in a microfinance company.

Why study Law at UTM? Because, in her opinion, here is where you will obtain a wide range of knowledge and skills that perfectly combine the technical sciences with the jurisprudence, with application in law, legal advice, notary field, real estate register, and more. This path is thoroughly assisted by the most notorious specialists in this sphere, who dedicate themselves fully to their role as a lecturer and professor.

The field of Law at UTM has a technical-engineering base – which is one of the main arguments, among many others, pro becoming a good, competent specialist with a promising future!

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