At the Technical University of Moldova, information technologies switched around the circumstances initially imposed by the quarantine of COVID-19.

Being one of the first universities in the Republic of Moldova to successfully implement Office 365 for Education, modern IT solutions, the teacher-student interaction at UTM has adopted a new structure in this period: the study process has moved from auditoriums to virtual offices, intensifying resource use such as personalized email, portals, online document editing and storage, instant messaging, and web video conferencing. The included Office Online service (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote), simultaneous access to the same documents (reports, presentations), security and confidentiality in data storage and use, as well as a secure backup, high-end emails, with a calendar and a 50 GB inbox, protected by antispam and antimalware – all this provided extra security and facilitated an efficient communication and collaboration between students and teachers.

The importance of IT applications and tools, which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) is undeniable. Their implementation at UTM simply “exploded” in the current pandemic period, said Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, presenting, in this regard, a comprehensive report of images, which shows UTM’s interest in supporting an active, and efficient educational process through modern IT methods.

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