Sergiu ISTRATI, a graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, sends us greetings from Düsseldorf, Germany, from the headquarters of the famous company Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH, where he works as a Project Manager.

He is proud to be part of the family of one of the world leaders in mobile communications equipment and technologies. He has been working here for over a decade and says with all his heart: “At FET-UTM, studies of high quality are done in telecommunications” – the knowledge obtained at the university, as he says, is always incredibly useful. In fact, he is not the only graduate of this faculty to have made a name for himself in Europe. There are over 30 engineers who pursue the same goal: connecting mobile stations, with fiber optics, in the Deutschland telephone network.

Anyone could work in the famous Huawei projects, says Sergiu ISTRATI, and for this, studies and solid knowledge in telecommunications are a must, all of which can be obtained at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Technical University of Moldova (FET UTM).

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