Today, May 19th, 2020, the General Assembly of the members of the Faculty Councils and of the representatives of the student-members of the Senate and of the Councils of the Faculties of UTM, elected, through secret ballot, two members of the Council for Institutional Strategic Development (CDSI) of the Technical University of Moldova from among the teaching staff of UTM.

The 158 people present for voting (out of the 215 registered in the lists) elected, with 120 pro votes, 29 against, 9 invalid ballots and, respectively 111 pro votes, 37 – against and 10 invalid ballots, the next two new members of CDSI: Victor CATANĂ and Maria GHEORGHIȚĂ.

We sincerely congratulate the newly elected members of CDSI for the trust the great team of UTM has in them, wishing them productivity and selflessness in their activity in the supreme forum of UTM – the Council for Institutional Strategic Development.

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