Over 160 academics participated today in the General Assembly of the members of the faculty councils, of the representatives of the student-members of the Senate and of the faculty councils of the Technical University of Moldova.

The agenda included a very important topic for the steady progress of the University: the election of two members of the Council for Institutional Strategic Development (CDSI) of the Technical University of Moldova from among the teaching staff of UTM.

According to the Regulation on the organization and functioning of CDSI-UTM and the decision of the UTM Senate of 30/04/2020 on the organization and conduct of the procedure for electing the two members of CDSI during the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Assembly is held online, in two phases:

➡️ The first phase – on 18/05/2020, at 9:00 a.m., with the help of ICT tools, approved by the UTM administration. The place of the General Assembly meeting is considered the proposed ICT tool: voting through VoteMe.App (founder: Vitalie EȘANU), and the streaming platform – Privesc.Eu.

➡️ The second phase provides for the exercise of the secret voting of the participants in the General Assembly and will take place tomorrow, 19/05/2020, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., at the following polling stations:

  • Polling station no. 1 (hall of the study block no. 1 of UTM, bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 168) – participants: members of the FET, FEIE Councils and the students’ representatives of the UTM Senate;
  • Polling station no. 2 (hall of the study block no. 6 of UTM, str. Studenţilor, 9/8) – participants: members of the FCIM, FIMIT, FTA, FTP Councils;
  • Polling station no. 3 (hall of the study block no. 10 of UTM, bd. Dacia, 41) – participants: the members of the Councils of FCGC, FUA, FIEB.

The 3 candidates approved for inclusion in the secret ballot are: Victor CATANĂ, Maria GHEORGHIȚĂ, Cornelia CRUCERESCU.

In order to exercise the secret ballot, stationary ballot boxes will be used, located in the polling stations, as well as mobile ballot boxes. Voters wishing to use the mobile ballot box, for a polling station other than the one previously allocated, shall, through the secretaries of the faculty councils or the secretary of the UTM Senate, as the case may be, notify the CE president within 24 hours from the date of publication on www.utm.md of the announcement regarding the convening of the General Assembly, by e-mail alexandru.tarlajanu@ie.utm.md.

We express our sincere thanks to our partners within the mobile application for remote voting VoteMe.App and the streaming platform Privesc.Eu and, especially to Mr. Vitalie EȘANU, founder and SEO – for their support.

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