With a history of over half a century, the Architecture specialty within the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of UTM has given the world talented architects that continued to expand their skills in various countries around the globe. Among them is the graduate Loredana MELNIC, who already works in a design office, but also at Alma Mater, as a teacher, promoting the #UTMstudies programs, in agreement with the Center for Information and Career Guidance – CEGHID.

She says that her studies at UTM have radically changed her life. These changes decided her future, giving her the chance to develop her creative skills and, finally, to achieve her longed dream – to become an architect!

She urges the young people who are facing the decision of making a choice regarding their future professional path to come to UTM, adding:

“The Technical University of Moldova is the most dynamic university in the country. At the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Architecture Department, you will be guided by the best professionals in the field and evaluated by international committees. You will benefit from free exchange programs with universities in Europe and Asia. And during your design internships, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with well-known architects. Numerous contests and festivals are waiting for you here. It is the path that leads to the accomplishment of your great dream – to become an architect! It’s the right choice! Welcome to UTM! ”

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