The students and professors of the Department of Software Engineering and Automatics, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of UTM, celebrated this year’s World Telecommunication and Information Society Day through a theoretical-applied seminar “Databases – new and old paradigms”, organized remotely on May 15th, 2020.

Opened by the head of the Software Engineering and Automatics Department, associate professor, PhD Ion FIODOROV, the seminar brought together over 20 participants: 3rd year students of the specialty “Information Technology” who study the course “Databases”, teachers of the respective course – prof., PhD Vitalie COTELEA and lect. Dorian SARANCIUC (moderator), several members of the department, including Rodica BULAI, Svetlana GHETMANCENCO and others. The 13 presentations, conducted by the students Ilie CAZACOV, Andrei CEBAN, Alexandr COBLIC-ZELȚER, Ivan CURDOGLO, Vitalie GLINCA, Dmitrii HROMȚOV, Vlada IZOTOVA, Ana MALAIA, Andrei SIDLEȚCHI, Denis STARIȚÎN, Angelina STAVNIICIUC, Alexei STOLEAROV and Andrei ȚIPLOVSCHI, addressed a wide range of issues related to SQL Server, Firebase, Mongo BD, My SQL, Postgre SQL, SQ Lite, Realm, Berkley DB database management systems, as well as the concepts of Big Data, Server Less, No SQL, BDautonome, BDsubiective, SQL Injection, DB Security, thus emphasizing the importance of databases in information systems, their efficient management, new technologies and concepts. The teachers, alongside the dean of FCIM, associate professor, PhD Dumitru CIORBĂ, appreciated the students’ effort, encouraging them to continue participating in such events.

Conducted through the Microsoft Teams platform, the seminar was conclusive proof that, at UTM, the use of technologies for online education is highly beneficial in regard with the recent regulations for the organization of remote learning, and an obvious solution in unpredictable situations.

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