Despite the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by it, the admission period is starting soon, which marks a big step for  graduates of high schools, colleges/centers of excellence, who now will choose the field they want to pursue in the future.

Dear graduates! We urge you to make the choice in favor of engineering – a dynamic, creative, innovative field in which art, science, technology and the laws of nature are put to use for the benefit of humanity.

And in order to guide you through the wide spectrum of specialties of the Technical University of Moldova, the responsible secretary of the UTM Admission Committee, Radu MELNIC, presents the UTM offer for the 2020 Admission, with an organized list of over 60 specialties for each of the 9 faculties.

Moreover, these days, Radu MELNIC, the responsible secretary of the Admission Committee, in agreement with the Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, Dinu ȚURCANU, organized a remote meeting with the UTM Admission managers – Natalia ȘESTENCO, Deputy Head of the Career Information and Guidance Center; Vasile CHETROI, Head of the Information and Communication Technology Department; Ion ICHIM, Head of the Design and Development of Information Systems and Software Products, during which they examined the draft version of the University Management Information System (SIMU) preparation for “AdmissionONLINE2020”, through which the admission procedure for the current year will be performed. We will return with more details in time.

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