Victor RAŢOI is a graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Roads, Materials and Machinery for Construction, study program “Railways, Roads and Bridges”, class of 2018. Recently, he completed his Master’s studies at FUA-UTM, within the Department of Transport Infrastructure Engineering study program “Roads, materials and mechanization in constructions”, class of 2020.

For two years he has been working for the scientific production company “Universinj” SRL – one of the largest and most solid companies in consulting, design and expertise of transport infrastructure, mentioning that he is proud to be a UTM graduate and grateful for the notorious specialists in the field who taught him during these years, and who, along the way, became his friends, colleagues and good mentors.

He declares that he chose this profession out of the desire to modernize the transport infrastructure, which he considers to be a key element in the beneficial changes in this country.

“I am young and I like what I do! And I owe this to the Technical University of Moldova, because this is where future engineers are trained! Engineers create the future!” – is the message that Victor RAŢOI, coordinating engineer of the Road System Investigation Team, FSP „Universinj” SRL, directs to high school graduates, who are facing the decision of making a choice regarding their future career, urging them, in agreement with the Information and Guidance Center in Career – CEGHID, to be looking into the #UTMstudies programs.

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