In the time coming, UTM will implement two projects with the support of AUF: one referring to the training of language skills, and the second to the training of digital skills of teachers.

The project “Support for vocational education in French offered by AUF in Central and Eastern Europe” has as its main objective the training of advanced language skills for teachers who provide courses in the francophone branches of UTM: “Computer Science” and “Food Technologies”. By applying to this project, UTM aims to improve the French language skills of both teachers who already teach in French-speaking fields, as well as the new teachers who could potentially conduct lessons in French in the future. Within this project, UTM has as partners the State University, the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and the State Agrarian University of Moldova, as well as support from the French Embassy in Moldova.

The second project “Video-pedagogy” was introduced within the AUF call “Workshops on pedagogical innovation through ICT”. The idea for this project was initiated a year ago, and, during the current pandemic, it has become even more necessary. Within the TEACHME project, funded by the European Union, in which UTM was a partner, together with other higher education institutions, an audiovisual laboratory was launched, designed to create teaching materials to provide remote university courses. UTM’s involvement in the Online Education project, intended for students, ensured a substantial gain in experience in the field of video pedagogy. Through this project, funded by AUF, UTM aims to develop the digital skills of French-speaking teachers, namely in video pedagogy, so that they could create their own digital content and use it in the training activity. AUF will provide financial support for inviting a francophone trainer, and UTM will provide all the necessary infrastructure to create digital content.

Both projects are to be implemented by December 2020.

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