Graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Technology and Management in Food Industry (today – Faculty of Food Technology), class of 2007, works at the Confectionery Factory in Chișinău SA “Bucuria” – the largest and only company in the Republic of Moldova specialized in the production of all types of sugary confectionery, chocolate and chocolate products.

He considers himself a fulfilled man. At “Bucuria”, which is the business card of Moldova, he managed to climb from the position of chemist to that of controller in just one year, then advancing to the position of foreman. Today, he is an engineer-technologist. He is proud of the fact that through his work, together with his colleagues, he brings joy to children and adults, being able to say: “Life is sweeter with us!”.

He urges young people who want to embrace a career for a lifetime to follow the advice of CEGHID and choose one of the #UTMstudies programs, perchance within the FTA, thus coming one step closer to seeing your dream come true.

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