The COVID-19 pandemic generated multiple social and economic problems, instigating the need for new and creative approaches. In this context, the EBRD Representation in the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the European Union, organized several webinars, in which various alternatives and solutions for SMEs were presented.

Within such a webinar, the founder of Unisim Soft, Pavel TUHARI, UTM partner, presented complex and efficient IT solutions for SMEs, especially in the current conditions. The need to automate business processes was argued, new business development opportunities in the Republic of Moldova due to blockchain technology were highlighted, ERP on the Oracle platform, etc.

In addition to the SME representatives, the webinar was attended by teachers of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business, this event being appropriate for gaining knowledge about current issues, but also about the prospects of Moldovan enterprises, which would improve course content. Previously, multiple events and activities were organized with the support of Unisim Soft, in this way majorly contributing to the use of IT tools in the educational process at FIEB.

The interaction between university – business environment – innovative companies is an important element for sustainable economic development.

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