A study of the bibliometric indicators of researchers with affiliations in the Republic of Moldova with 10 or more publications in the Web of Science (WoS) database, published yesterday by PhD Gheorghe CUCIUREANU, head of ANACEC department, highlights the scientific performance of 78 scientific researchers (currently active) in 15 institutions in the Republic of Moldova (7 research institutes and 6 universities), among which there are 9 well-known researchers representing the Technical University of Moldova.

Among the first 50 most productive researchers according to the number of publications included in WoS are three UTM researchers: Nicolae SÎRBU, Oleg LUPAN, and Veaceslav POPA, with 180, 166 and 63 publications respectively.

In the ranking according to the number of citations of the authors’ works, considered an indicator of the quality of the obtained results, the priority belongs to the scientist Oleg LUPAN, with 7872 citations, followed by four other UTM representatives – Vasile POSTICĂ, Vasilii CREȚU, Sergiu LANGA, Sergiu ȘIȘIANU, Nicolae SÎRBU, and Victor ȘONTEA – with 1411, 984, 923, 909, 773 and 696 citations respectively.

And the ranking of researchers with the highest Hirsh index, which measures productivity and impact of citations, is led by Oleg LUPAN, with the highest H index – 50, followed by Vasile POSTICĂ – 20, Sergiu LANGA – 15, Nicolae SÎRBU –14, Vasilii CREȚU, Victor ȘONTEA and Eduard MONAICO – 12.

Undoubtedly, science is the fruit of work. Congratulations, UTM!

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