Alexandra Crudu, graduate of UTM, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, specialty “Engineering and Quality Management”, 2013, is a representative of Alma Mater that gives us the perfect opportunity to further emphasize the importance of #UTMstudies programs.

The thorough training provided by UTM has propelled her to the higher professional positions in her specialty, Alexandra being a member of the Quality Technical Committees of the Regional Metrology Organizations – EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes) and COOMET (Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions). Currently, she is a Quality Manager at the National Institute of Metrology – an institution that ensures the traceability of measurement results performed on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, where she manages and maintains the National Base of the standards.

She says she owes her success story to UTM, where she formed her personality, status, and where she built the foundation of her professional future. Every year, through its students, the Technical University of Moldova writes hundreds and thousands of success stories, being recognized nationally and internationally: qualified teachers, fresh education programs, modern laboratories and buildings. Alexandra affirms that our country needs ambitious people and engineers, eager to learn and change the world here, at home. 

UTM was my chance. UTM is your chance, too!” says miss Crudu.

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