The rector of the Technical University of Moldova, professor Viorel BOSTAN, and the director of the Civil Aeronautical Authority of the Republic of Moldova, Eugeniu COȘTEI, signed, today, an important Collaboration Agreement.

The agreement provides, in particular, for a series of bilateral actions regarding the training and deepening of knowledge in the field of civil aviation, including the implementation in the study process of UTM of some compartments/courses with the application of technological innovations in the field of civil aviation; conducting applied research with technology transfer; continuous training of aviation specialists through Master’s and Doctoral studies; promoting the improvement of civil aviation services at national level and in the study process; providing spaces for public display of information/samples of products in the field; participation in joint projects; joint organization of various events (seminars, conferences) on civil aviation and informing the university community about them through corporate e-mail, website, official Facebook page, etc.

At the same time, the Civil Aeronautical Authority aims to contribute to facilitating the collaboration through national, regional and international organizations in the field; the involvement of the qualified staff of the Authority in the university training process, regarding the study programs in the field of civil aviation, but also the training of the scientific-didactic staff of UTM in the field of civil aviation by the specialists of the Authority; supporting the process of modernization and consolidation of the laboratories of UTM, by making available aircraft components for the execution of tests/simulations in the training and research process; access for students and scientific-teaching staff to the processes of implementation of technological innovations and the quality assurance system in the field of civil aviation; granting places for internships for students; organizing student trips to aeronautical agencies in the field; participation in internship fairs and job vacancies organized by UTM; creating the premises for the subsequent employment of graduates in the field of work; supporting technical-scientific events.

During the discussion, the parties mentioned that the provisions of this agreement are only a first step in the collaboration they plan to develop and further capitalize on.

The Civil Aeronautical Authority is an administrative authority for certification, supervision and control in the field of civil aviation, based in Chișinău, whose mission is to implement policies in the field of civil aviation and monitor compliance by individuals and legal entities in this field for ensuring flight safety, aviation security, consumer protection and occupational safety.

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