Do you know what is the most romantic discipline at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning? Obviously, every student and teacher would argue and defend their own favorite, but today, we speak about Coloristics.

Professor Tatiana BUIMISTRU made public 12 of the most successful paintings of her first-year disciples, created as part of their practical assignments on the course “Harmony of colors”. Students have started working on them offline, subsequently completing and submitting them online. Enlivening works indeed! Color palettes meants to soothe your sight or, on the contrary, startle it!

Immediately after the publication, the works received instantaneous recognition. The visitors admired the incredibly warm and inviting colors, filling perfectly round shapes in bubble-gum pink shades, meant to bring comfort to the viewer’s eyes, or in purple shades – giving it a magical and serene atmosphere, just like in the painting “Summer” by Danila BUDACA (gr. ARH-193).

The same motif of round shapes, neatly placed on the canvas, shaded in rusty autumnal colors, are painted in the work “Autumn” signed by Ludmila POPAZ.

Iulia PERCEMLI’s painting portrayed a spiral of an endless series of buildings rising to nothingness. Here, the pink-purple-blue palette of ephemeral shades has been described by one of the visitors, Kirill KARASENI, as a painting that immerses him in something mystical, reminding him of the cyberpunk zone. Oxana PENINA mentioned: “I love architecture in any form. And when it is harmoniously embellished by colors – it’s just fantastic!”. The visitors were incredibly thankful for teachers exhibiting the works of their talented students to delight the eyes and hearts of those interested.

A multitude of reviews have been left on the artists’ works. For example, Valeria BABĂRĂ mentioned the “interesting idea” of Victoria PAIUL to convey blue tones in a great diversity of shapes and shades. Cristi Sambritchi wrote that the painting “Autumn” signed by Alexandra MOLDOVAN reminds him of neoclassicism and that the author has shown great taste and talent.

Liliana PLATON, senior lecturer in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, summed up the exhibition: “The presented works reveal a good knowledge of the chromatic combinations, actions and interactions of colors in the artistic space, which the students of the creative specialties within FUA possess, thanks to the exceptional teachers in this field. The results of their students are always something to be proud of, as they are dedicated to the professional training of their disciples! Congratulations and best wishes!”

“A very beneficial assignment and impressive works”, the visitors also wrote, emphasizing that “these skills will definitely benefit these young people in the future”.

To which professor Tatiana BUIMISTRU answered that such tasks are useful not only for students within their creative activities, but also serves as a good indicator for the teacher, as they get to see the creative potential of each student, discovering their emotions and mind expressed in their works.

– Color is not a characteristic of objects, but of the eye that looks at them. It is how we express life! And coloristics – the science of color – scientifically explains the nature and properties of this extraordinarily beautiful and instrumental phenomenon – Color. Just as a good musician can distinguish an off-note, so a good colorist notices the inappropriate color in the chromatic palette of a painting. We always meditate on these things with the young architects and designers of FUA in the course “Harmony of colors”, points out professor Tatiana BUIMISTRU.

Despite the isolation, the teacher-student dialogue continues, the connecting link being … color.

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