The quarantine circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have not affected our drive and motivation. Asked by CEGHID to comment on the #UTMstudies programs, Inna LEBEDINSKAIA, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, class of 2017, says that the ACGV specialty is one of the most admirable and beautiful, having created lots of memories that stay with her even now, while she’s away from home.

Mentioning the specialty “Engineering of heat, gas and ventilation systems” (ACGV) within the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, today, Inna LEBEDINSKAIA is an engineer in a prestigious company in France – PON CONSTRUCTION. She says that ACGV is a vast, captivating field and offers the opportunity to develop capabilities in three very important areas of engineering installations: heating, gas, ventilation.

Inna urges the young people who are facing the choice of pursuing a field of study today: “Come and become an engineer! Choose UTM! Be the architect of your own future!”

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