Andrei CUCEREAVÎI, graduate of UTM, today Web Developer at Pentalog, says that his decision to follow his passion for information technology has brought him to continue his studies at the Technical University of Moldova. He has chosen the “Computers and Networks” specialty, where he has been able to develop his IT skills – another reason CEGHID directs students to #UTMstudies.

“At the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics I have gained a lot of valuable experience. I chose this specialty because it combines both Hardware and Software. The strongest argument was that Information Technologies are an area of ​​the future, a field of vast possibilities” says Andrei.

During his studies, he had the opportunity to work as a trainee in an international company – Pentalog, where he gained new knowledge and new acquaintances. He also says that this beautiful career path is undoubtedly due to the quality of the studies he made at UTM, thanking the FCIM teachers who had the patience to guide him in the inspiring world of IT, to which he linked his future and continued to persevere!

Andrei CUCEREAVÎI urges IT enthusiasts who want to build a career in this extensive field to take their first steps at UTM, because there you can learn to manage and pass any challenge. The UTM graduate’s degree increases your chances of engaging in the most important companies in the field.

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