The format of the International Technical-Scientific Conference “New Technologies in the Study and Production Process”, organized remotely by Ryazan Institute for Educational Development (Рязанский Институт Развития Образования), sparked the interest of researchers from the Technical University of Moldova, including Sveatoslav POSTORONCĂ, PhD student in his second year at the Doctoral School of Computer Science, Electronics and Energy, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, whose presentation “Some technical features of distributed generation” was nominated as the best scientific paper within the “Fundamental Disciplines” section.

The paper is dedicated to topics related to the future development of the power system in the context of the necessary measures established globally to reduce environment emissions caused by the activity of the fields with high levels of pollution: energy, industry, transport.

Considering the highly complex process of energy transition, which also includes increasing the share of renewable energy sources, the power system strives towards an essential structural change. Thus, the concept of centralized energy generation offers an increasingly large space for distributed generation, with a special place for energy grids. These new technological solutions have obvious advantages by generating energy at the place of consumption, without the need for transportation, associated with expenses, while obtaining a higher degree of autonomy and energy security at country level. At the same time, the transition to electricity production from distributed generation systems, the basic parameters of energy quality – electricity voltage and frequency, become more vulnerable and sensitive in terms of maintaining within standardized limits. The author describes in the paper some technical procedures for maintaining these two parameters by regulating the active and reactive power exchange P-Q in the electrical network, using storage elements and elements for dissipating energy through electrical ballast.

In fact, the issues addressed in the paper presented at the conference are directly related to the area of ​​investigations conducted by Mr. Postoroncă in his doctoral dissertation (“Research on smart grid regimes integrated into electricity distribution networks” – scientific coord.: Dr. and professor Tudor AMBROS and Dr, prof. Vladimir BERZAN), which is why the author knowingly mastered the subject and was nominated as the best in that section.

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