During this difficult period, the lecturers have been teaching themselves on how to conduct online tutoring. They have studied tutorials, read articles, and learned from their colleagues who also work in the online environment, which has proven to be a great educational experience for everyone.

Although unusual for them at first to set their lecture hall in their living room and to speak fervently in front of an inert monitor, over time, however, they got used to the smiling faces or confused expressions on the other side of the screen – the same warm, receptive and beloved audience. This was the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for technology, with the help of which we brought our school/university home during isolation.

During the past weekends, while teachers prepared for next week’s lectures, the students thought of delighting them with some collages of photos, through which they expressed their gratitude for the effort of conducting their lessons online, a change that initially entertained them, but very soon put them back to work.

Students from the Department of Law of the Faculty of Construction, Geodesy and Cadastre sent a message of appreciation to teachers on Facebook:

“We want to encourage you, dear teachers, and thank you for the dedication, professionalism and utmost attention you give us even in this critical period. You deserve all the praise and know that your work is appreciated. Thank you for the online classes and for the patience with which you answer our more or less relevant questions! Thank you for always being with us and teaching us to become great lawyers! #StayHome #OnlineEducation

Another emotional message is signed by students of the Faculty of Food Technology (#FFT181):

„In this difficult time we want to say a big THANK YOU to all our professors for their help and support. We miss you very much and we look forward to seeing you again in our beloved University – FTA #VOUSETESLESMEILLEURS.” 

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