Having partnerships with prestigious institutions in Romania, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, etc., the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business aims to collaborate with institutions in the East, and the online activity creates amazing opportunities in this regard. One of them was offered through participation in the Conference “Problems in ensuring the record and analysis of entrepreneurial activity” organized by the Poltava State Agrarian Academy, Ukraine.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the institution, the conference brought together, remotely, over 300 researchers from 8 countries, and UTM had a representative in the organizing committee – associate professor, PhD Rafael CILOCI, dean of FIEB.

In his report “Development of Youth Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova after COVID-19”, he examined the impact of the pandemic on the development of entrepreneurship, especially for young people, as well as post-recession stimulus measures.

“Any crisis, in addition to its harmful effects, also offers unique opportunities, which are to be identified and capitalized on”, the professor said, referring to the current situation. The presentation aroused great interest, the topic being a pressing one for the economies of the countries represented at the conference.

The conference was conducted in 7 sections, covering various topics of major interest in the field of entrepreneurship. It was an opportune moment for presenting the results of scientific research, for the exchange of opinions, identifying new research targets, but also an excellent platform for establishing new collaborative connections, developing projects for the benefit of all.

The conference schedule.pdf

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