Today, together with the mobile phone operator MOLDCELL, we mark two decades of discoveries, creation and innovation. Over time, having received, on many occasions, the unconditional support of MOLDCELL, the Technical University of Moldova wished to celebrate this event through messages of gratitude from the administration.

Rector Viorel BOSTAN, on behalf of the entire academic community of UTM, sincerely thanked MOLDCELL for the successful collaboration – for the quality services provided, for supporting student initiatives and, particularly, the development of the teaching and research infrastructure of the University, which allows the training of highly qualified engineers for the labor market. Hoping for an equally advantageous collaboration in the future, the rector thanked MOLDCELL for its support, wishing them success in discovering new horizons!

A message of appreciation and respect was also sent by Mr. Dinu ȚURCANU, who, in his position as Vice-Rector for Informatization, Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication, but also as a teacher, wished to thank MOLDCELL for the services, the technical support provided, including the endowment of a specialized laboratory for the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, but also for the receptivity regarding various activities within UTM.

With MOLDCELL, we always feel close to our loved ones even when we are far away! 

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