Even amongst the tons of recipes already existing for all kinds of products, there is always room for a new one. Irina GRUMEZA, PhD student in her third year at the Doctoral School of Food Science, Economic Engineering and Management, UTM, but also university assistant at the Faculty of Food Technology, managed to surprise with original recipes and advanced manufacturing technologies the audience of the International Technical-Scientific Conference “New technologies in the study and production process”, organized on April 17-20, 2020 by Рязанский Институт Развития Образования – Ryazan Institute (branch) of Moscow Polytechnic University and the Association of Education and Science Managers.

Elaborated by a team made up of Alexandra BORȘ – Master’s student in her second year at the Faculty of Food Technology; Anatoli CARTAȘEV – PhD in biological sciences, scientific researcher, Scientific-Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies – IȘPHTA (coordinators: PhD, associate professor Artur MACARI and PhD, associate professor Angela GUDIMA, Faculty of Food Technology), the presentation included the results of extensive scientific research in the field of food industry, carried out in the research laboratories of the Faculty of Food Technology. As part of the extensive work “Production of meat semi-finished products for functional purposes” (“Производство мясных полуфабрикатов функционального назначения”), the aspects presented at the conference focused on the elaboration of new recipes for the production of minced semi-finished products with high nutritional value, more precisely, the production of the famous Mici (Romanian food, meaning “small ones”). Their refined taste and high quality, respectively, are achieved by combining mutton and poultry with walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and wheat fiber. Thus, the participants in the conference were able to enjoy the process of preparing four versions of Mici, varied and delicious:

– from mutton and poultry meat (control sample);

– from mutton and poultry with nut meal and wheat fiber;

– from mutton and poultry with pumpkin seeds meal and wheat fiber;

– from mutton and poultry with sesame seed meal and wheat fiber.

According to doctoral student Irina GRUMEZA, the rational use of these components is a promising way of manufacturing meat products in combination with vegetable raw materials. Thus, in the production of minced meat semi-finished products, bioactive compounds have a positive effect on health, expanding the range of meat products with functional purposes and serving as a technological tool to improve their quality and meeting consumer requirements.

Admittedly, the conference participants enjoyed these delicious dishes only theoretically, because, given the epidemiological state of the world, the conference took place online, through the social network VKontakte (В Контакте).

Reaching its eighteenth edition, the conference addressed a wide range of topics, divided into sections: “Architecture and Urban Planning”; “Modern and reliable construction structures, materials and technologies”; “Mechanical Engineering”; “Electrical engineering”; “Modern problems of economics and management”; “Auto transport and technological means of transport”; “Fundamental disciplines”; “Humanitarian knowledge in modern education” and a special section for students – “First steps in science”. The Technical University of Moldova was represented by an extensive team of researchers, including: Sveatoslav POSTORONCA – PhD student in his second year at the Doctoral School of Power and Electrical Engineering; Marian GUMENI – PhD student at the Doctoral School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering; Victoria COJOCARI-DANILA – university lecturer at the Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy; Ecaterina LOZOVANU – PhD, associate professor, head of the Department of Social Human Sciences; Cristina LAZARIUC – university lecturer, Department of Social Human Sciences; Ecaterina COVACI – university lecturer, Department of Oenology and Chemistry, etc., who made a valuable exchange of results of scientific research with young professionals, pupils, students, doctoral students, professors, scientists in the field of new technologies in mechanical engineering, construction, automobiles, economics, management and fundamental sciences.

The conference was attended by PhD students, young specialists and professors from the Technical University of Moldova and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemițanu”.

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